Why is it special?

Yeast free tasty cracker breads with reduced carb and high vegetable complete protein content, rich in dietary fibre.

The YASO based fitness cracker bread has approximately 28-39% lower carb content than average crackers and it is approximately 314% richer in dietary fibre compared to other unleavened flat breads.


Available in wheat, spelt and gluten free. varieties.

Our gluten free cracker, is 28% lower in carb compared to many other gluten free crackers.

Free from

GMO, lactose, cholesterol, chemicals, preservatives, colours and yeast. It is a 100% natural product.

Health bonus

Weight loss management: It is suitable for weight loss management and wellness diets due to the reduced carb content.

Diabetes: The Original has low glycemic index it is suitable for a diabetic diet.

Heart health: It suits cardio diets as it contains dietary fibre and no cholesterol.

Sport nutrition: High protein content
supports sporting performance levels.

A natural source of Vitamins and Minerals.

YASO® – Specially Sprouted Soya Beans

YASO® – a breakthrough for whole soya

  1. Did you know that sprouts are little treasures for health and wealth of minerals? Did you know that when a seed is sprouted it is like an explosion of vitamins? Did you know that it is a good idea to include sprouted soya to your meals?

  2. YASO®is so much more than soya! It brings a completely new dimension to the use of whole, natural soya, YASO® is non-GM whole soya, sprouted, cooked, ground and pasteurized.

  3. YASO® is rich in dietary fibre and protein, it has a very low carb content. YASO®serves as a good basis for a balanced diet, is a top quality meat substitute and complete vegetable protein source.